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How To Get Good Marks #3

Hello, Our Dear Readers, Welcome to our Blog (Unique Creativity & Knowledge) Friends today We will continue our Series How to get good marks and This is the 3rd part of our series.

Again we’ll talk about How you can get good marks in exams? What is the right way to study? How we can increase our marks? What is the right way of exam preparation? So let’s get started.

Studying type 2 subjects:

If you pay attention, you will get that these subjects are based on logical problems solving skills. With these subjects, ( what are type two subjects, to about it click here ).

 Imitate first, understand later.

And don’t be harassed if you don’t get the concept in the first attempt because these all concepts were made by the smartest guy’s on the planet after devoting their whole life. So try to understand the concepts and if you don’t get it. then Try-try and just try again. These concepts can take 2 or 3 months and sometimes 1 or 2 years also.

These subjects are logical and sequential. I mean, The next topic depends on the previous chapter or topic. If you are having a problem understanding Algebra that means there is a gap in your arithmetic. First, try to learn all basic concepts and ideas.

This rule could help you:-

George Ransacked Mysore Police Vehicle with Money

Rule 1:- Guess

Give an answer, while watching the movie, don’t you try to guess the next scene of the movie. This is our natural tendency.

In academics, Guessing has a bad image but really this can help you before solving any logical problem. Try to guess the result. Guessing allows you to see if the solution really makes sense or NOt. But, guessing should be done carefully.

Rule 2:- Rephrase

Do you remember, how you learned to solve math? By copying your teacher, we learn most of the things by copying. But we should try to find the solution in our way, Don’t by the textbook way. In starting, Problem can look hard but after some brainstorming, it would become easy.

Try to reconstruct the solution your way and you might get a new and simpler way to solve the problem.

Rule 3:- Path of the Vedas 

While learning and solving type 2 subjects( If you still don’t know about what is study type 2 please for God’s sake click Here  ), sometimes you can use shortcuts. In that way, you can make the problem easy and less time-consuming.

The best example is the use of Vedic Math. 

In Vedic Maths, you can find many ways to solve a problem in a short time. There are 16 Sutras( Formulae ) and 13 sub-Sutras to solve the problems of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus in an efficient manner. 

After learning these tricks, You will be able to solve many problems in less time. Just go on the internet and learn some new tricks with the help of Vedas

Rule 4:- Variety

Do you go to a party and just eat one type of food. Obviously not. The same applies to type 2 subjects.

Try to solve and face as many as possible problems. Don’t stick with just one type of problem. This is not a good way of learning.

For example, If you are learning Integration. So start with the examples, Then solve the book problems and you should solve the previous year’s problems also for great practice. In that way, you can develop a good understanding of the Topic.

Rule 5:- Myths

1} I mind my own business

    Don’t try to solve the problem in your head. Do each step and don’t skip anything in the starting. Even write every simple step in the notebook. The more practice you will do, The more Good you will become.

2} I am the best

Imitate first and understand later. In the staring try to imitate the step. This is hardly possible that the book is wrong. So check your method again, your formula again, and please pay special attention to the calculation. and If you don’t get the right answer just talk to your teacher.

3} I stare, It Solves

Make the habit of reading the question very carefully. Don’t show a hurry in this step. Most of the students, just glance at the question and start solving the problem.

This is a very noxious habit. By misreading definitely, you will make mistakes.

4} Forget the method

As I mentioned, Don’t waste your time solving the problem THE RIGHT WAY, if you are not getting the solution. Try to see the problem from another angle. Try to do some brainstorming. May you get the solution. 

So, My lovely reader, this is the 3rd part of our series How to get good marks. I hope you loved it. And please share the post with family members and your friends


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