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How To Get Good Marks #1

Hello Our Dear Readers, Welcome to our Blog (Unique Creativity & Knowledge) Friends today We are gonna share this series to show some tricks. How you can get good marks in exams? What is the right way to study? How we can increase our marks? What is the right way of exam preparation? So let’s get started.

What is the difference between you and your class topper? If you think, he/she is more intelligent than you or he/she has a great mind than you, so please for God’s sake drop this thinking Now. Biologically there is no difference between your and your topper mind, both are exactly the same. 

And if you think that his/her father is an engineer/Doctor/Scientist. That’s why he/she has a smart mind, so please again for God’s sake drop this mentality also. Because according to neurologists genetics does not play any role in Good marks. 

There is only one parameter, which makes a great impact on the marks. “How many hours, you are devoted for study after your college hours. How much time you are spending with yourself on your weak points”.

Actually, you don’t know how many hours your topper spends before getting Great marks. But you can compare your marks and your study hours with your topper mark and you will get a basic idea( Do it now ).

In a nutshell, I am just saying that Study at your home( Actually, anywhere you can just after your school/college hours ), work on your negative and weak points and you can also get great marks and you can also be a Topper.

But with that answer, another question arises, HOW we should do the study. It can be possible before this blog you used the study at home and still you are doing it, even though you are not getting the result. So today we’ll play with some best scientific ways of study.

TO make it simple, let’s divide our subjects into 3 parts.

Type 1 subjects: Information and perception oriented

English, History, Law, Philosophy, Literature, Management,  Marketing, Sociology, Psychology,  Civilization, Anthropology, etc. come in this Group.

These subjects require a good understanding of the whole body and information of the Topic. 

Type 2 subjects: Technical/Calculation based 

Accounting, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and All engineering subjects come in this Group. These also require a Good and deep understanding of the Topic, but we also need some good problem-solving skills.

Type 3 subjects: Performance-oriented

Dance, Theatre, Debate, Music, Creative, Writing, etc. come in this group.

Here the primary task is Creativity, performing, and communicating.

With the help of this chart, you can easily divide your subjects. You can find that some subjects are coming into Two groups. Like Economics. 

In the next part of this blog we will talk about How to study Group one subjects, so please wait.

Second Part Of This Series  


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