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Time Management #1

Hello My Dear Readers, Once Again  Welcome to my Blog (Unique Creativity) Guys as you can see our Topic is Time Management So Guys in this Blog We’ll tell about the Value of Time. How We Can Become More Effective, How We Can Manage our Time Or Daily schedule, How We Can Save Our Time & Where We Should Spend Or Use Our Time Because Time is One of the biggest valuable Things For our Life.

Time is free but It is priceless, You can’t own it but You can use it, You can’t save it but You can Spend It. And We just need to learn how to Spend It.

So Without Wasting Time Let’s Initiate▶

When Anybody asked, “What is the biggest mistake Of me in my life?” Budha replied “The mistake is you think you have Time”

Time Management has become a very common word in our day-to-day Conversations. Everyone is talking about Time Management. Everyone is facing the same problem which others are facing. The problem of Time. We are living in the 21st century, and in this era literary No one has enough time even though We have every device, every service To increase our efficiency & every Which thing Which can save our Time but still, We don’t have time. Why ???,

I think this is the reason why Time management has become a buzz in day-to-day life. Everyone wants to know How They Can Become More Effective, How They Can Manage Their Time Or Daily Schedule, How They Can Save Their Time, Or Where They Should Spend Or Use Their Time.

So They Can Do Everything That They Wanna Do,

I’m also here to tell you how you can become a real master of Time So you can achieve very great results not only in your professional life but in your personal life also. We are going to start this series to share the knowledge and rules of world-class Athletes, most creative artists, Business Titans, history makers, and the Greatest Writers of Humankind so You can also achieve the Greatest and brightest achievement in this world.

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Readers before going on our points We should ask some questions ourselves. I do believe in the power of questions and I do believe that Every divine journey of learning starts with questions. Our questions are ▶


Why Time management is so important and what is the reason that Now we need to learn it?

What is happening with our world and with us that We are feeling, we don’t have as much time as we need to complete our work?

We have everything to make us more productive, more effective, faster, and efficient in every aspect of our life but Sad truth is that Our past generations were more effective than we. They didn’t have to worry about Time. They never told us that We don’t have time. They didn’t have super-fast transportation, they didn’t have Mobile phones, They didn’t have Internet, and They didn’t have as powerful and big a machine as we own now. But still, They were more productive than us. And we can’t say they used to have 26 hours in a day.

The secret is that They were not connected with Distraction as much as We are now. They didn’t have Internet and Phone to connect with someone else within seconds but also were not addicted to Social media. They didn’t have TVs to know what’s is going on in the world but They were not wasting their time watching Netflix and YouTube. Here is the key,

Doing many things is not productivity instead of doing a few most important thing is productivity.

The reality is that most of the population of our era don’t understand the true value of time. They don’t know how little time we have.

Time is free but It is priceless, You can’t own it but You can use it, You can’t save it but You can spend it.

And we just need to know How to use it.


An average person lives almost 78 years. and We spend 28.3 years of our life while sleeping. That’s almost A third of our life. We spend 9 years on TV and Social Media and these numbers are just raising. We spend 6 years doing chores. We spend 4 years eating and drinking. We spend 3.5 years in education. We spend 2.5 years grooming ourselves. We spend 2.5 years shopping. We spend 1.5 years in childcare and At least 1.3 years in commuting. And that leaves us with just 9 years. Really We have only 9 years to make our dreams come true.

Don’t you think that’s a big problem, that’s worth thinking about?

Time flies

but Good thing is that you are a pilot. You can choose where you want to spend your precious time.

Today I am just leaving you these numbers so You can think about your time, so you can understand the value of your time. This will motivate and help you to get the most from our next post of the series.

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