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How To Get Good Marks #2

Hello Our Dear Readers, Welcome to our Blog (Unique Creativity & Knowledge) Friends today We will continue our Series How to get good marks and again we’ll talk about How you can get good marks in exams? What is the right way to study? How we can increase our marks? What is the right way of exam preparation? So let’s get started.

In the first part of this series, we talked about, What is wrong with your mentality and we also divide our subjects into 3 parts.

Today we are going to learn how to study part 1 subjects. If you haven’t read part one of this series, please click on this Link and read it now.

Studying Type 1 subjects: 

One of the biggest problems with part one subjects is, These subjects are theoretical and crazily boring. Most of the students don’t like them because We are required to analyze and criticize the topics of these subjects. ( If still, you don’t know what I am talking about click Link ).

You can’t get fruitful results after just one-time reading, You have to analyze the topics 3 or 4 times. These subjects need time in reading and analysis. What we do usually do with like subjects history. We just pick anyone Topic and start reading, But smart students don’t do that.

They a little warmup before starting these subjects study. They ask 5 questions.

Prisoner Baked Ice-cream On Pizza 

Question 1: What is the Purpose of reading this?

Before picking any chapter, ask this question to yourself and try to figure out The reason for Reading this topic. Why are you reading this, why are devoting your time?

Answers can be like that ” I want to get more knowledge about our history, I want to learn about The psychology of a person, I want to how our economy runs. ” Try to find a reason It will help you to be motivated.

And usually, You can find a Topic For discussion. You should discuss the topics with friends and Teachers. Discussions will help you to grasp the Whole Idea of the Topic.

Question 2: What is the Bird’s-eye view?

With the Type 1 subjects, always try to figure out the BIg picture of the Topic or Chapter. For a history Topic, You can find the Big picture by these simple questions:

  1. What is the storyline/ major scene of the Chapter or Topic?
  2. Who are the major character and what are their relationships?
  3. From whose point of view is the story being narrated?
  4. What is the background?
  5. What is the message or the Moral?

A bird’s eye view will help you to get the concept of the chapter.

Question 3: What Information is important here?

Asking questions is very important in these subjects. Ask questions about the concept, background, theme, style, and important questions with your teacher.

Always pay attention to the words of the Teachers. What point is important for exam and future. These questions are very mandatory to be asked.

Question 4: Organize

History says, 

Always best organize army won the way.

So you should also organize your work and your homework. Always make your own notes of the subjects. Your notes will help you in the exam time to summarize the main topics. And by making notes you can learn the topics also.

Question 5: How can I Picture this information

By making a clear picture of the whole chapter or any situation of History. Easily you can learn and cram the whole information in your mind. Always try to make a simple picture of the chapter in your mind or in the notebook.

Our mind memory prefers visual data to audio. By making a picture of the whole chapter you can easily recall everything.

So, My lovely reader, this is the 2nd part of our series WHY YOU ARE NOT GETTING GOOD MARKS. I hope you loved it. And soon I’ll upload the 3rd and last part of this series. Just wait for a while. And please share the post with family members and your friends


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