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How To Face Problems

Hello My Dear Readers, Once Again  Welcome to our Blog avpuc.com (Unique Creativity & Knowledge. Today I am going to tell a story, which will help you a lot to face the most challenging times of your life.

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It was the time of the election. There were so much tension and excitement in the atmosphere at that time. Everyone was talking about the same thing. Election got high and In that situation; Rahul, who was a father too, was reading NewsPaper. Like everyone else, He was also so interested in Election. So He was reading NewsPaper with rapt attention. He was paying so much attention to every word, every phrase like he was trying to absorb every single bit of information.

And to be honest He couldn’t help because News was so much spicy. There was news about candidates, their promises, their statements, and their roadshows, statements were as Low prices, New Highways, Pension for everyone, Low-interest rates, and a lot more. Even one candidate promised to give tax-free Beer.

So Rahul was reading NewsPaper and suddenly his 5-year-old kid Arjun came and said, “Papa”. Rahul’s attention was broken.

He looked at his son and asked him what he wants. Arjun looked at his father’s face and asked with so many innocents, “Papa why can’t we fly”. For instance, Rahul got confused. Because he was reading NewsPaper with so much attention and His boy asked a silly question. But soon Rahul realized that His question wasn’t silly. So He gave an answer to satisfy his child’s curiosity. And again He started reading NewsPaper.

 But after a few moments, Arjun came again and started asking the questions. Now Rahul became annoyed. He started finding something about himself. After a minute found an old Book. He took that book and pick a piece of printed paper from that book. There was a world map printed on it. He tore out that map into small pieces and gave it to his son. And He told his son, “I have a game for you. Now you have to rearrange these pieces to make a map like It used to.”

For a 5-year-old kid, That task was tough. Rahul was expecting that Arjun would take too much to rearrange the pieces to make the map. And He would read the NewsPaper with easiness.

So after that Rahul started reading the NewsPaper again. But just after 2 minutes Arjun came to his father.

He called his father and gave him the rearranged map. Rahul got amazed. Because The map was absolutely right. It was impossible for a 5-year-old boy to do that. Who has never seen a world map?

So Rahul asked his child, “Arjun, How did you do that in that little time.” Arjun looked at his father and said with pride, “Papa, This is a picture of a cartoon on the back side of the map. I just rearranged the Cartoon, and Map was rearranged automatically”. Rahul got astonished.

So My motive to tell this story is that, In every day of our life. We face tons of problems some are simple and bearable but some are very severe and almost unsolvable like The world map. But We always try to flip the Map and try to see the Cartoon.

There are always two aspects to every situation no matter how much devastating It is. We just have to be Arjun and Find the Cartoon.


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3 thoughts on “How To Face Problems

  1. Ashi says:

    It was really helpful,we can understand things easily with the help of this story……… Sometimes we give up on the situation but if we think about it carefully then we may have a better option…..

  2. Ram Avtar Singh says:

    Dear Vikash, I am really happy to read this story’s intro-body-conclusion it’s amazing …… But more importantly I proud of you to be on this stage of success….Just keep it up my dear.

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