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Of an Age”: A Touching Gay Romance Film

“Of an Age” is a small-scale gay Australian romance film from director Goran Stolevski, which strikes big erotic sparks. The film features two young men, Elias Anton and Thom Green, nursing an unexpected mutual attraction. Focus Features, the company behind memorable gay films like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Milk”, continues its tradition with this film, which may not match their box office success or awards glory, but could touch audiences seeking a meaningful experience. The film is a continuation of the gay indie movie tradition, reminiscent of “Weekend”, which unfolds over just a couple of days, and proves that economy can be a virtue.

The film opens with a young woman waking up on a beach outside Melbourne and calling for help, reaching Kolya, who enlists the help of Adam, her older brother. The first part of the film is set inside the car where Adam and Kolya talk and develop a growing attraction to each other as they share their thoughts about literature and life. The tight closeups of the actors highlight the building emotional connection between the characters. The main obstacle to their relationship is Adam’s departure the next day for graduate work in South America. The chemistry between Anton and Green keeps audiences transfixed, while the family scenes with Kolya’s Serbian family add texture to the erotic drama.

The second part of the film jumps ahead to 2010, where Adam and Kolya reunite for Ebony’s wedding. Neither of them has forgotten the intensity of their day together, though Adam has established a new life in Canada where gay marriage was legal several years earlier. The film explores the possibility of a life-changing experience that lasts just minutes or hours, shared and savored by the characters and audiences alike.

“Of an Age” is a touching and intimate film that showcases the beauty of a brief connection between two people. The performances by Anton and Green are noteworthy, and the film is sure to be a memorable experience for audiences seeking a meaningful gay romance film.


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