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Netflix’s “You People” is a comedic misfire that fails to deliver on its potential. Despite being written by the creator of “Black-ish” and co-written by star Jonah Hill, the movie is an awkward assemblage of talent that lacks an actual plot. The movie stars Hill as Ezra Cohen, co-host of a podcast about racial differences, who begins dating Amira Mohammed (Lauren London) after a chance encounter. However, things take a turn when Ezra decides to ask for Amira’s hand in marriage and meets her strict and skeptical parents (Eddie Murphy and Nia Long).

The movie is in search of a cohesive tone and struggles to find it, with Murphy delivering straight-faced drama while other cast members deliver comedic moments. The film’s writing is also problematic, with awkward and unrealistic dialogue that lacks the casualness of a typical podcast. The film’s editing also drains its comedic rhythm, with flashy graphics and an awkward rhythm that makes the movie feel more like a sketch comedy show than a feature film.

The cast is undoubtedly talented, but the movie fails to deliver on the ideas it raises, opting for cheap laughs instead of genuine character development. This is especially disappointing given the need for a comedy about cultural clashes in racially diverse relationships. “You People” may have had a good concept and a great cast, but it fails to deliver and is a waste of time for viewers.


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