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Comfortably Naked: The Bittersweet Romance

“Somebody I Used to Know,” the latest romantic comedy to hit Prime Video, is a delightful film that marks the second directorial feature effort of Dave Franco and was co-written by Franco and his wife, Alison Brie. The film features Brie as Ally, a television producer who returns to her hometown after the cancellation of her reality show, “Dessert Island,” and runs into her ex, Sean, played by Jay Ellis. Despite their flirtatious reunion, Sean is engaged to be married to a singer, Cassidy, played by Kiersey Clemons, who proves to be a three-dimensional character. The film also features Haley Joel Osment as Sean’s brother, Jeremy, who brings laughter to the film with his unexpected humor.

Franco and Brie recently spoke with RogerEbert.com about their experience making the film, including their love for collaborating with each other and their favorite romantic comedies, which influenced their approach to the genre. They wanted to tap into the nostalgia of classic 90s romantic comedies and bring a sense of drama to the film while allowing the humor to arise naturally from the relationships and emotions of the characters. They also spoke about their decision to not shy away from confrontational moments in the film and allow the emotion to really land.

The film also features a powerful final scene that showcases the power of nudity, a theme that is also present in Franco’s previous film, “The Rental,” co-written by Joe Swanberg and his ex-wife, Kris Rey. The film showcases Franco and Brie’s natural comedic and dramatic sensibilities, making “Somebody I Used to Know” a bittersweet gem that has a distinctly human touch.


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