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True Revolution: A Guide to Achieving Sustainable Change

Unable to tolerate the rise of Hindus, the foreign conspirators and their local stooges the politicians and their followers, have tried to divide Hindus brazenly by any hooks or crooks.

The eternal time-tested system of Varna (classes of society, the intellectuals, the Marshal class, the businessmen cultivators and the service class) and Asrama (stages in the life of a human being – Celibacy, Householder, the Ascetic and the Monk) has been of great importance in making a nation intelligent, cultured, protected, self-maintained and wealthy endowed with the qualities of service to humanity.

From the point of view of qualitative richness and finer evolution of human spirit also, the efficacy of eternal varna- asrama system is universally proven. But it has been the habit of foreign conspirators and their hand-maids, the local politicians and their followers to decry the very causes of our rise capable of general well-being, as causes of our decline and fall. Not being fully acquainted with the rich Vedic literature handed down to us by the tradition, it is but natural to get into the trap of unscrupulous persons and fall into the quagmire of doubts and perversities. The Hindus, divided into directionless political parties and multifarious sects with objects limited to money and desires, are drenched lip-toe in the mire of money, honour, self and near and dear-ones.


With an education system devoid of spiritualism, a group of young men and women, so edicted to obscene means of entertainment and drugs can spear-head a revolution appears to be absolutely impossible.

The defacement of the very factors of revolution in the name of civilization is the greatest hurdle in the path of revolution.

The Rāmāyaṇa, created by sage Valmiki and the Mahabharata, the great creation of sage Kṛṣṇadvaipayana Vyasa are two main traditional historical works. In them there is mention of a world-war because the modesty of Sita, the daughter of Earth and the queen of paradise, and of Draupadi born of yajña-altar representing goddess of wealth, was hurt.

But now, a revolution is impossible due to this reason of hurting the modesty of a woman because the same is now termed as love and a symptom of civilization.

In a life where modesty has no value, how can there be a clash over molestation of modesty ? On the contrary, we observe a clash against a father, a mother, a brother or a husband who make it an issue of the molestation of modesty.

Because absence of a tail of hair and thread has become a symbol of civilization, the very source of a clash against taking away the tail and thread of a Hindu has dried away.

On the contrary there can be a clash against a father, a mother or a brother who advocate bearing of a tail or a thread. Similarly, it is useless to expect a behaviour endowed with the wisdom of touchable – non touchable element from a society which does not know the value of touchability-non touchability. In an age where everybody is eligible for everything – to talk of eligibility or non-eligibility of a person or a section of society is to prove oneself of mean-mentality.

 In an age where the cows, the Brahmins (intellectuals), Vedas, chaste-woman, truthful person, non-covetous, philanthropist, pilgrim-places, temples, Mathas and character, affection, discipline, service, good conduct, fellow-feeling, devotion to God, spirituality and the spiritual leaders are taken as contrarians to progress and talent, the very path to treat them as characteristics of ideal code of conduct is blocked. 

The path which hailed dharma (righteous code of conduct), the wealth and desire controlled by dharma, omission and cominission as per the time and place and eligibility, the preceptors who explained fundamentals of life, as bearers of earth is lost.

The Vindhyas, the Himalayas, the Ganga, Yamuna, Kṛṣṇā, Kāveri, Narmada, the ocean, the Matha temples, Bridges, pilgrim-centres etc.

 are our precious characteristics of honour. But a malicious campaign is on to destroy them alleging them to be the centres of the veneration of the Paurānikas (the mythologists) who are being condemned as orthodox, shallow-minded quarrel some communals, detractors of talent and progress.

Thus the path of revolution from the eternal vedic Aryan tradition is blocked. Under such a situation, to establish the utility of the eternal characteristics of our honour on philosophical, scientific and practical level and to protect them as such is really very tough task in this age which is directionless and mutually antagonistic in the name of growth.

Well-meaning gentleman can very well realize that. In the present book, by the grace of the Lord and our preceptor, the spiritual, natural and physical aspect of the revolution has been exposed in a clear-cut style taking into account the time, place and the situation. By its study and training accordingly it is hoped and prayed that the revolutionary men and women will emerge in this country.

~Nischalananda Saraswati
(Haridvāra ( 10 ^ (th) Lunar day of the Dark half of clear Jyestha, Saturday 2064 VS) bas desaw sch 12.5.2007)
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