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Rakhi Sawant Claims Adil Khan Durrani Left Her for Another Woman

Actor Rakhi Sawant has made serious allegations against her husband Adil Khan Durrani. She claimed that Adil failed to provide financial support for her mother Jaya Bheda’s medical treatment, leading to her death. Rakhi also accused Adil of leaving her for another woman named Tanu, who he was allegedly having an affair with. In a video shared by a paparazzo, Rakhi said that Adil told her he was leaving her for Tanu and that he used her for his own success in Bollywood.

Rakhi said that Adil took all her money and emotionally, physically, and mentally abused her during their marriage. She added that before entering the Bigg Boss Marathi house, she gave Adil a cheque for ₹10 lakh in case her mother needed anything. Rakhi also said that when she stepped out of the show, her mother was in the hospital battling cancer and that Adil failed to provide money for her treatment.

Rakhi also accused Adil of having a physical relationship with Tanu and claimed to have evidence in the form of hotel and airway bills. She said that she asked Tanu why she was involved with a married man and Tanu said she had fallen for Adil. Rakhi added that Adil left their house with ₹4 lakh cash and her mother’s jewellery and that she is seeking legal help.

Rakhi confirmed her secret wedding with Adil in July 2, 2022, but now she is accusing him of all these things.


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