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Nothing more, nothing less! 

othing more, nothing less!

So, childhood of our middle class children there was nothing more so nothing less.

No matter if you’re are the only child in your family or only single gender boy/girl. You will be always treat equal in .

Basically, an explorer knows everything about everyone whether it’s masculine, feminine or neutral.

But explorers like me who is in the growing age only knows about themselves then it’s kind of enough.

Still thinking why people says that I understand them better!

Behaving like IELTS ASPIRANT (knows nothing about it) but pretending is precisely good.

My childhood was never be normal it was dramatic like hell. As you can see much drama in me. It was never like the childhood with toys in hand and candies in mouth. Basically, It was full with panic attacks and big anxiety issues.

Although, it was creative and learning. Things I have learned back is helping me now in seeking knowledge.

Big family issues are enough to make one strong to handle bullies but was a failure in friendship always. An extrovert is always forced to be behave like a shy-guy exactly like an introvert.

I missed out many things in my young days.

Breakdown in young teen life, disastrous behaviour for surrounding species, lonely child since birth and till now.

I was oblivious one who was always busy in searching love in others.

After some years, I realised that childish popcocks and didos had to be done in my young epoch but wasted behaving like sophisticated one.

Almost in the end, soon to be an adult who promised herself that she always behave like a immature brat child who missed preadolescence games and innocent activities.

People of my age, below my age and elders always says, ” C’mon! Grow up….you’re no more child…couldn’t you behave like a matured one….what’s wrong with you silly almost-fully mental girl.?!?!”

Promise is Promise and wont let myself to break this promise for any insane maturity.

Take care Peeps!

Yours silly immatured chick

~ Shril


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