I loved an emerald

*Somewhere in the middle of the world,
I loved an emerald
I might endure a love failure
But, my love was always fair,
Neither the Shakespeare of Love
nor a beautiful love,
Look at the kindness, with so many flaws
Emerald fell into my finger to glow,
I keep it close to my heart
So, it won’t be hurt,
One day, my heart became its foe
And itself giving it a woe,
I forgo the things
Set the Emerald free for other beings.

*Kisi ko likhwat psnd aai toh kisi ko banawat

Kisi ko fitrat raas aai toh kisi ki aadat bn gyi

Kisi ko sacchi lgi toh kisi ki glti bn gyi

Kisi k parchaai hui toh kisi k dard ki jimmedar ho gyi

Kisi ki zindagi ka hissa bni toh kisi ka adhura khwab hi rh gyi

M kuch bni or kuch adhuri rh gyi

Dusron m khudko dhundhte dhundhte m khudka hi astitva bhul gyi

*A writer in me is back

After a long time, it geared to back.

Where I stopped was at love

And when I begin is at love,

Everything changes with time

Passion, Willingness, Choices and a Person

Only love is the power that remains unaffected,

Devil in me waiting with bated breath

To come out,

Living on tenterhooks, giving him a chance to win a battle

Battle- Dark v/s Love

Both chose the Dark

The devil having it already

& me on the trail

One for passion

& one for peace



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