Elevate Your E-Commerce Game: Get a Stunning Website at an Unbeatable Price!

Introduction: Are you ready to conquer the world of online retail? Look no further! AVP Web Solution is thrilled to offer an exclusive deal on our top-notch E-Commerce website package. For a limited time, you can transform your business with a feature-rich, user-friendly website at just ₹29,999, down from the regular price of ₹49,999! Not only that, but we’ll also throw in a FREE web view application! Let’s delve into the exciting features that will take your online store to new heights!

1. Top-level domain with HTTPS: Boost your credibility with a secure and professional domain name.

2. Business logo: Create a lasting impression with a captivating logo that represents your brand.

3. User-friendly navigation:
Make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for and enhance their shopping experience.

4. Wish list: Enable customers to save their favorite products for future reference.

5. Customer login: Facilitate a seamless shopping process for registered users.

6. Store finder: Help customers locate your physical stores effortlessly.

7. Language options: Reach a wider audience by providing language preferences.

8. Shopping cart: Ensure a smooth checkout process with an efficient shopping cart feature.

9. Search bar: Empower customers to find specific products quickly.

10. Phone number: Offer direct communication for instant customer support.

11. Highlighted UVP: Showcase your unique value proposition to stand out from the competition.

12. Risk reducers: Build trust with customers through secure payment options and satisfaction guarantees.

13. Loyalty program: Foster customer loyalty and retention with an enticing loyalty program.

14. CTA to push people to product collections and important sales pages: Drive conversions with strategic Calls to Action (CTAs).

15. Featured products or Best selling products or New arrivals: Highlight your top-performing products to catch the eye of potential buyers.

16. Text content: Engage customers with compelling and informative product descriptions.

17. FAQ, returns and exchanges, store locator, shipping information, order tracking, etc.: Provide comprehensive information to address customer inquiries.

18. Contact us: Encourage communication and build relationships with easy-to-find contact details.

19. Newsletter signup: Grow your subscriber base and keep customers informed of promotions.

20. Payment system icons: Showcase accepted payment methods to instill confidence in customers.

21. Social Media links: Integrate social media channels to expand your online presence.

22. Link to about pages: Share your brand story and build a connection with your audience.

23. Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Sitemap: Ensure transparency and comply with legal requirements.

24. Live Chat: Offer real-time assistance to improve customer support.

Product Category Page Features List:

25. Consistent image size: Present a visually appealing and uniform product display.

26. Breadcrumb navigation: Help customers navigate through product categories effortlessly.

27. Show the number of products displayed on the page: Let customers know how many options are available.

28. Product filtering and sorting: Allow customers to find products based on their preferences.

29. Page description field: Provide informative category descriptions for a better shopping experience.

Product Page Features List:

30. Product title: Clearly present the product name for easy identification.

31. Good quality of images with zoom-in functionality: Enable customers to examine products in detail.

32. Pricing information with potential sales or discounts: Display pricing details and any ongoing promotions.

33. A field to change purchase quantities: Allow customers to adjust the quantity of items they wish to purchase.

34. Product variables (if necessary): Offer various product options, such as size, color, or material.

35. Add to cart button: Facilitate smooth add-to-cart functionality for easy purchases.

36. Trust signal around “Add to Cart” button: Build trust with security seals and trusted payment icons.

37. Add to Wish List and Compare button on each product page: Encourage customer engagement and comparison shopping.

38. Social share buttons for each eCommerce product: Allow customers to share their favorite products on social media.

39. Product description: Provide detailed product information to inform customer purchase decisions.

40. Consumer reviews on products: Incorporate customer reviews to boost trust and credibility.

41. Related products: Suggest relevant products to enhance cross-selling opportunities.

Customer Checkout, Shopping Cart, and Wishlist:

42. Accept all cards payment methods: Offer a variety of secure payment options.

43. Accept all wallet payment methods: Provide convenience for customers who prefer digital wallets.

44. Compare price and Final price: Present transparent pricing information during the checkout process.

45. Shipping method (offer low shipping cost): Offer affordable and efficient shipping options for customer satisfaction.

46. The billing address and shipping address: Ensure seamless and accurate order delivery.

47. Security seals: Reinforce customer trust with visible security seals during checkout.

48. Include an area to punch in promo codes: Enable customers to redeem discounts and special offers.

49. Have an option to change the quantity or remove items:
Allow customers to modify their cart contents effortlessly.

50. Allow items to be saved for later: Let customers save their favorite items for future purchase.

E-commerce Blog Features List:

51. Sidebar: blog search, categories, popular posts: Facilitate easy blog navigation for readers.

52. Social share buttons: Enable readers to share valuable blog content across social media.

Back-end Features List:

53. Dashboard/reporting tools: Gain valuable insights and track performance with a user-friendly dashboard.

54. Administrator management: Manage and assign roles and permissions to back-end users.

55. Customer management: Efficiently manage customer data and order history.

56. Store management: Organize and update product inventory effortlessly.

57. Content management: Easily edit and update website content as needed.

58. Order and shipping management: Streamline order processing and monitor shipping status.

59. Payment, taxes, and location management: Effortlessly manage payment settings and tax details.

60. SEO management: Optimize your website for search engines to improve visibility.

61. Email marketing integration: Connect with customers through effective email marketing campaigns.

62. Discount and promotion management: Run promotional campaigns and manage discounts.

63. Root file upload: Easily upload files and documents for customer access.

64. Tracking code integration: Integrate tracking codes for analytics and marketing purposes.

65. Responsive design: Ensure seamless website viewing on various devices.

66. Browser compatibility: Optimize the website for compatibility across different browsers.

67. Fast loading: Ensure quick page loading times for enhanced user experience.

68. For digital downloads, explain how they receive products: Provide clear instructions for digital product delivery.

69. Multilevel security: Implement robust security measures to safeguard customer data.

70. Automatic site backup: Ensure data safety with automated website backups.

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