Positivity is more harmful than negativity


If I talk about the current trend, Having a positive mindset, an optimistic attitude is very important in life. At least our popular thinking and knowledge say that and we believe it also. Just attend any self-help seminar, or watch any motivational video. Everywhere you would find one thing common. Have a positive attitude.

Hello, our dear reader. We are avpuc.com(Unique Creativity & Knowledge). And today let’s challenge it. Let’s dare to see this positive attitude thing with a different angle. And let’s try to find, Is a positive attitude key to success. Or eliminating the negative aspect, avoiding flaws and cliches are a surefire way to get success.

I am not crazy

We know there are always two sides of a coin. There are always two aspects, two ways to see and perceive situations. And our modern society says we must always see the positive aspect, the good features, the healthy outcome. Our society thinks this is the best way to get happiness, success, and victory. But I want to argue over this point and over this attitude.

I think positivity is more harmful than negativity because If someone always focuses on only the positive aspect and Only see the good picture. That person would fail and never get up again, would never try again.

If you always see the smooth part of the road, when a bump comes in your way you would not be able to control, steer, and balance yourself. And you would fall, you would fall in a way that you would lose the ability to rise again. And this is the most poisonous truth of positiveness.

That’s why

Positivity is more harmful than negativity

If someone is way too much positive. He would never get to know the negative, the dangerous, the toxic part of reality. So he would never make himself ready for that part. And this negative part is inescapable. You just can’t avoid it. You just can’t kill this part with your over positivity. And when this part comes, It will ruin you, it will break you because you will have no idea about it. This is the problem with positivity.
If you always consider the negativity as well as positivity. You would never fail, you would never feel down. You would fall but you would have the courage to get up again, again, and again.

You can’t vanish the negativity completely from life, if you do, the positivity will be vanished automatically.

With negativity, positivity will be joyless, It will become boring. It will become nothing. Because if everywhere is just positivity, it will become invisible. We won’t be able to feel it because we won’t be able to differentiate between these two terms.

Negativity makes us enjoy positivity and positivity helps us to face negativity.

If you want to adore light, first you have to live in the darkness. And if you never see the darkness, when it will come which is 100 % sure, it will scare you. It will break you. It will wipe out everything.

That’s why I say positivity is more harmful than negativity. So You have to see the negativity. You have to feel it, you have to know it. Negativity is as important as positivity.

 This article completely depends on my own thinking and I am not arguing with anyone. I am just expressing my thoughts. so If you have any concern with regarding this article please tell us in a comment.
This article is the part of Quick shot of motivation series.

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