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Hello My Dear Readers, Once Again  Welcome to my Blog Website avpuc.com (Unique Creativity & Knowledge) Guys In this blog, I’m gonna tell you how to talk to anyone, How to start a conversation with anyone, How to Impress anyone.

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How To Talk To Anyone By Leil Lowndes

Have you ever admired those successful people who seem to have it all? you see them chatting confidently at business meetings, comfortably at parties. They’re the ones with the best job, nicest partners & the most interesting friends.

But wait a minute! A lot of them aren’t cleverer than you. They’re not educated than you. They’re not even better looking! So what is it? ( Some people suspect they inherited it. Others say they married it or were just plain lucky. tell them to think again)

So, Guys, I think you also wanna become like those people which I told you at starting. That’s why you’re here.

There are 92 little tricks in here, but I’m just Gonna Cover the first 16but I’ll make a part 2 to cover more tricks,

So Let’s Begin

How To Talk To Anyone

(1) THE FLOODING SMILE:- The first technique is to make sure you don’t flash an immediate smile whenever you greet someone Instead look at the person for a good second or two, pause, soak in their persona and then let a big, warm responsive smile flood over your face, and overflow in your eyes. Think of how a good comedian will build up to a punch like a joke.

(2) STICKY EYES:- Next pretend your eyes are glued to your conversation partner. don’t break eye contact even if he or she has finished speaking. if you have to look away, do it slowly. but as a side note: Liel warns the men to lower the intensity level when using this on other men.

(3) EPOXY EYES:- Now in a group setting, watch your target person when someone else is talking. If this is too intense, then keep your eyes on the speaker, but every time the speaker finishes a point, let your glance bounce to your target. This technique makes your target feel like you care about his or her reaction.

(4) HANG BY YOUR TEETH:-Every time you walk through a doorway, picture an iron-jaw bit hanging from the frame, just slightly above your head and imagine taking a bite out of it.  This should help you straighten your posture. Practice this in your home throughout the day.

(5 & 6) THE BIG-BABY, HELLO BEST FRIEND:-  For the next technique, consider giving a warm smile, your full attention and the total-body turn to everyone you meet as if a cute baby just crawled up to your feet.  Or similarly, imagine the person is like your old best friend who you haven’t seen in ages.

How To Talk To Anyone

(7) LIMIT THE FIDGET:- Number 7 is about not fidgeting and keeping hand motions below your head. Many believe that one of the big reasons that Richard Nixon lost to John F Kennedy in the 1960 presidential elections, is because he kept fidgeting, and mopping his eyebrows on live television

(8) READ  PEOPLE LIKE YOU HAVE ESP:- Technique 8 is about making it a habit to pay attention to the littles things. Are they smiling? Looking away? Rubbing their neck? is there feet pointing towards the door? You don’t have to be a body language expert to pick up on what they may be thinking.

(9) WATCH THE SCENE BEFORE YOU MAKE THE SCENE:-  Next, relax and practice visualizing yourself walking around Hung by your teeth, shaking hands, smiling, and treating people like you’re meeting a long lost best friend.

(10) MATCH PEOPLE’S MOOD:- Next remember to Match people’s mood and tone of voice first, even if they’re upset or depressed. Enter people’s world before bringing them to yours.

How To Talk To Anyone By Leil Lowndes

(11) DON’T STRESS ABOUT THE FIRST WORD:- The 11th is understanding that your first impression has little to do with your actual words. Just remember to avoid starting conversations with a complaint or something negative.

(12) ALWAYS WEAR A WHATZIT:- Wear or carry something unusual, could be small, that strangers will feel compelled to stop you and ask you what is that?

How To Talk To Anyone

(13 & 14) WHOOZAT, EAVESDROP IN:-  Next, ask a friend, the host of the party, or anyone who knows your target, about some facts, and then use those as an ice breaker “So I heard you’re a famous magician where you’re from” But if you don’t know any who can give you some facts, then try eavesdropping. “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but overhear that you’re a dancer”.

(15 & 16) NEVER THE NAKED CITY, NEVER THE NAKED JOB:- When someone asks you the inevitable, “Where are you from? Never give one-word answers and try to have it relate to the person you’re talking to. Research some interesting facts on the internet. I’m an attorney from Toronto, a city with over 8000 restaurants. Right now I’m involved in a case where a company actually discharged a woman for taking extra maternity leave. that was a medical necessity.

How To Talk To Anyone By Leil Lowndes

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