How to add an admin in Fb Page (Facebook Page) and manage your page roles

Hello, Friends Welcome to Our Blog Website avpuc.com (Unique Creativity & Knowledge) we are avpuc and today we are here to tell you how to add an admin in Fb Page (Facebook Page) and manage your page roles.

How to add an admin in Fb Page (Facebook Page) and manage your page roles.

So Friends First open your Facebook Page and Click to the Settings tab at the top right of your page.


Click on Setting Button


1.  After Clicking to the Settings tab then click on “Page Roles.”


Click on the Page Roles” tab


2. It will open up a menu also called “Page Roles”.


On this page, you can manage every role on your page.


3. In the “Assign a New Page Role” section, start typing the name of the person you want to assign to the page the drop-down menu will offer you suggestions and you can choose the person you want from there.

4. Click the menu next to their name to select the “Admin” option.

You can set any Role which Role you want to Give to anyone.


5. A reminder will pop up that reads: “If you’re adding a new admin to your page, please keep in mind that they’ll have the same as you do to make changes to this page.

6. Once you have the right name, click “Add.” Facebook will then prompt you to re-enter your password to make sure that’s you that is making the change.

7. Under “Existing Page Roles,” the person’s name will now show up with a red “pending” message next to it.

8. Once the person receives a notification, they can accept and their role will show up under the “Existing Page Roles,” Section. This shows you each person on your page, category by their permissions. For example, you can have one person under admin and no person under Editor.


“Existing page Roles”

Existing page roles are organized by how many permissions they hold.


You can use the menu to edit the permission for each person on your page. So if you have someone as Editor, Moderator already you can change them to admin from the Edit “Option”.

When you click on the edit button drop-down menu will appear that lets you choose another role for that person.



You can edit someone’s role at any time.

Now may you have successfully learnt how to add an admin in Fb Page (Facebook Page) and manage your page roles.

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